Growth Planning Done Right.

Get a glimpse into the future with the crystal ball of revenue management.

The Growth Planning Suite

Deliver Double Digit Growth With Data Backed Strategies

Business units (BUs) often set independent growth targets and plans. The lack of collaboration between BUs and the central teams ends up in companies achieving substandard growth. Co.dx’s Growth Planning suite of applications helps companies centralize and automate their target setting mechanisms, while achieving a consensus amongst BU leaders and central teams. With Co.dx, you can finally hit ambitious, double digit targets.

Growth Maximizer

Co.dx’s Growth Maximizer application connects to multiple data sources to generate reliable revenue and volume forecasts to enable easy planning (both short range and long range) and collaboration of central teams and business units. With the Growth Maximizer, you can,

  • Set achievable growth targets with highly accurate integrated forecasts that leverage data from consumer bases, historical performance, competitor performance, internal drivers, and so on
  • Generate multiple scenarios based on market specific conditions, changing behaviors & strategic priorities
  • Manage investments and strategies across resources, pricing, promotions and other revenue drivers through breakdown of forecast into drivers of demand 
  • Align market level and global growth plans through customizations that account for unique market specific constraints

Portfolio Planner

Co.dx’s Portfolio Planner helps you plan and structure investments across the product portfolio based on the strategic objective for the brand, such as, growth of market share and penetration into new segments. With the Portfolio Planner, you can,

  • Kill investment on low performing brands and reduce sub-optimal investments in leader brands through accurate measurement of ROI and customized refuel rates
  • Experiment with strategies for high potential explorer brands using the simulator to improve performance
  • High collaboration between central teams and business units through setting global benchmarks as context for BUs in assessing opportunities to adjust allocations
  • Mitigate investment risks and beat the competition by monitoring market trends and accounting for operational and commercial constraints







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