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The Marketing Suite

Deliver high MROI with better identification and allocation of marketing investments

CPG companies invest an equivalent of over 21% of total sales on marketing activities but often do not even see a 1x return on investment. With Co.dx’s Marketing suite of applications, companies can now strategically invest in marketing across traditional and digital channels and also accurately measure the outcomes of marketing spend.

Marketing Mix Wizard

The Marketing Mix Wizard helps you drive revenue growth by quantifying the sales impact of past and existing marketing activities, reducing costs, and optimizing your future spend to maximize return on investment. With the Marketing Mix Wizard, you can,

  • Grow your top-line by identifying opportunities to eliminate waste in marketing investments and redirect investments along the media value chain
  • Optimize MROI and efficiently allocate marketing funds across offline and online touchpoints
  • Get a macro-level view of the contribution of marketing & promotions on revenue
  • Study the interplay of channels, promotions and external factors and their effects on achieving brand objectives with our scenario simulator
  • Compare the brand impact of paid digital media spends across platforms and reallocate funds to maximize sales

Campaign Manager

Co.dx’s Campaign Manager application helps you improve efficiency of your marketing campaigns and maximize returns by analyzing the impact of digital and analog campaigns in order to optimize future campaigns. With the Campaign Manager, you can,

  • Maximize MROI by identifying top performing ads to retain and bottom performing ads to kill, by theme and target audience
  • Monitor behavioral KPIs for in store campaigns over time
  • Evaluate campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other digital environments
  • Understand digital campaign performance by site, exposure frequency, creative theme and format, audience metrics and more

Channel Performance

Co.dx’s Channel Performance application maximizes return on direct to consumer channel spend by evaluating the performance of the channel and identifying opportunities of improvement. With the Campaign Effectiveness application, you can,

  • Modify website strategies and improve conversion rate by identifying drop off points by analyzing the conversion funnel
  • Measure and evaluate the performance of website by analyzing the number of customer sessions and the conversion rate over a period of time
  • Update investment strategies across different sources such as sponsored ads, social media campaigns to maximize return
  • Improve conversion rate by identifying compatibility issues and improving user experience across operating systems, browsers, and devices







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