Pricing & Promotions Systematized.

Intelligently couple pricing and promotion strategies with collaborative AI applications.

The Pricing & Promotions Suite

Deliver Impact Through Accurate Pricing Strategies and Effective Promotions

Although organizations invest an equivalent of 7 -10% of total revenue on pricing and promotions, these investments do not always translate to revenue or gross margin lift. Co.dx’s Pricing and Promotions suite of applications helps you set the right price points with the right design and effectively manage promotional mix while ensuring return on trade spend.

Price Optimizer

Co.dx’s Price Optimizer is a comprehensive pricing assistant that empowers CPG leaders to achieve strategic pricing goals including market penetration, sales, volume growth, and improved profitability. With the Price Optimizer, you can, 

  • Understand price perception by analyzing market share at the company and brand level across price segments 
  • Tap into price up, price down, and innovation opportunities by assessing price points that companies are missing out on in their current portfolios 
  • Assess impact on performance & market share by simulating complex and dynamic pricing systems 
  • Maximize top-line growth through deep insights on the price responsiveness of the market and its impact on price and quantity of goods sold 
  • Control cannibalization of products with accurate price points across categories and brands 
  • Drive portfolio growth and enhance brand perception by tapping into customers’ willingness to pay for better value 

Promo Planner

The Promo Planner helps stakeholders devise detailed promotional strategies for on trade listings to drive topline growth, penetrate new consumer segments, and become market leaders. With the Promo Planner, you can,

  • Gain a deep understanding of brand positioning during promoted vs. normal pricing periods, relative to competitor brands
  • Protect the brand value and perception by optimizing price promotions for depth, frequency, and duration across brands and packs to align with brand strategies
  • Maximize return on spend by planning promotion calendars, forecasting impact, and comparing scenarios to identify successful offers
  • Balance volume uplift and ROI with meticulous promotion design, while considering product, frequency, duration, location, depth, and competition.

Promo Optimizer

Co.dx’s Promo Optimizer enables organizations to perceive, predict, and maximize the effectiveness of trade promotions across brands, customers, channels, and geographies. It helps trade teams measure effectiveness and realign priorities to achieve growth targets. With the Promo Optimizer application, you can,

  • Understand how overlapping combinations of traditional and digital promotion campaigns (both existing and planned) work best together to ensure maximum incremental sales
  • Measure return on trade promotion spend by comparing baseline sales with the incremental sales driven by promotions
  • Mitigate idiosyncratic risk by restructuring areas of underinvestment and overinvestment across promotional activities, based on the margin lift and strategic goal of each promotion
  • Conduct detailed experiments through a sophisticated experiment recommender, which offers recommendations on design, time, duration, and location of promotions







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